Discover How YOU Are Saving Animal's Lives! An Inside Look...

Puppy adoption

You love and adore your fur babe! From the day you two met, your life was changed forever and you discovered that your heart had a whole new level of feels inside of it. So of course, spoiling the one that has become such an important part of your life comes naturally.

You only want the best for them! 

Perhaps you've always been a die-hard conscientious consumer and Geopetric pet products were a natural fit for you and your fur babe. Maybe the vibrant prints and atypical style of pet gear spoke to your personal vibe. Whatever it is that drew you to Geopetric as a brand, there's likely one thing you and most of our shoppers notice (because of course this is one of the biggest reasons Geopetric came to exist). Geopetric helps to support animals in shelters with every purchase our customers make!

And that's pretty cool, right?!

But there's probably more to it that you don't know. As we near the end of 2018 and our annual donation is made to some of the amazing shelters we partner with,

we want to share with you what your purchases really do to make a difference in the lives of animals 

that don't have a furever family. We want to tell you how you are impacting animals that are still living in a crowded shelter; and how you are supporting all the things those shelters need to provide loving care for the abandoned animals of the world.

How it works:

Every year Geopetric donates 10% of all profits to animal rescue organizations around the world. Each of our nearly 30 non-profit partners (and growing) receive an equal share at the end of the year from the annual profits...and receive smaller donations as part of our partnership program throughout the year. This is both monetary and through donated products for fundraising purposes. We also donate gently worn gear from our P'UP-Cycle Program which you can participate in here.

This program allows non-profit rescues to apply directly on our shop to receive these charitable donations. To become an approved partner, they must submit legal documentation to Geopetric proving that they are in fact, a legitimate 501(c)3 animal rescue (as awarded by the governing body within their country). This means these organizations are completely reliant on the support of government grants, aid, and private donors that support what they do and that want to ensure the doors of these establishments not only remain open; but may also provide extensive quality care to numerous shelter pets. This ranges from housing them, feeding them, transporting them, tending to all of their medical needs, and more. Most of these organizations are largely able to function within the daily tasks that their animals need through volunteers. People that just want to help and receive no compensation for their time. 

Why this is so important...

According to the ASPCA, more than 6.5 million animals enter shelters every year in the U.S. alone and only half of these pets will be adopted by the end of the year.

While the trend of no-kill shelters is growing, in most cases, animals will be dropped off at a traditional shelter. Each year, 1.5 million animals are euthanized in the U.S. at these shelters. According to the Humane Society, 80% of these animals are healthy and were adoptable. The most common reason for an animal to be euthanized is there simply is not enough space in the shelter. For shelters without a no-kill policy, animals are often given an “exit date” that can range from three days to months away contingent upon funding and the capacity they have to serve these living creatures. If the animal hasn’t been adopted, the shelter will put them down.

What YOU are already doing to help:

Thanks to the support of caring pet owners like yourselves, when you shop Geopetric, you are doing more than purchasing something special for your pet. You are providing durable, quality pet products for your fur babe, and you are helping to serve other animals in a way that allows them to live and even thrive in caring shelters until their pawfect pawrent can find them and share in the loving relationship we all deserve! 

How can you continue to help?

Shop Geopetric! With every purchase you create an opportunity for us to support animal rescue together! 

Amazing pets are just around the corner...

So there are some other things you can do to go a step further with your pawsome efforts! Every animal in a shelter is looking for a forever home. While they they may be scared or have behavioral issues at first, with love and training, they can grow to become a part of your family that provides an element of joy and companionship that nourishes your home. If you or a friend is considering bring a new fur member into the family, adopt from your local shelter or check out our non-profit rescues on our site. The would love to support you and your family on the adoption journey.

And of course, Geopetric encourages you to be sure when you are selecting a pet for your home, you take the time to select the right pet! If a pet has been returned too many times to shelter this can harm their survival chances and the more instability a pet experiences the better the chances are of further perpetuating some of the behavioral challenges they may already be facing. 

Here are some helpful tips to prevent you from selecting a pet for your home that is not a good fit...

Adoption Tips

  1. Let the decision makers of the household identify a pet first before including other members of the family in the shelter visit (often this includes children)
  2. Do more than one meet and greet at the shelter. Bring all family members that will have regular interaction with the pet and ensure comfort and safety for all humans and pets in the home is viable. You can even try a temporary home visit meet and greet specifically helpful for other pets in the home and children if you are feeling confident that you have found the right pet for you!
  3. Make a list of home priorities and stick to it! If a large breed pet is not suitable to your home environment due to a housing policy or personal taste; be aware of the needs and rules of your home and stay focused on pets that are suitable.
  4. Pets are living creatures in need of a lot of time and energy. Be sure you are ready for the responsibility and understand the financial as well as personal dedication involved. It can be helpful to contact vets BEFORE getting a new pet to ask about potential costs, typical annual visits necessary, etc.
  5. Know that while shelters do the best they can to provide as much information about the pets in their care, transitions or simply a lack of available information may mean your new pet has some surprises in store. You thought your new pet never barked because they were so shy in the shelter? Well that may all change once they know they are safe and sound in your cozy home. Be prepared to work with them, not force them to change their nature. Finding a great trainer that can help you both speak the same language can make for a happy shared environment instead of a frustrated one.
  6. There are many places to adopt a pet. Do your research and find out who you are getting your pet from. A private shelter may have a higher adoption fee. Why is that? Perhaps because they are accepting a large amount of pets and have a no kill policy so they may have to support their animals for lengthier periods of time to keep them alive and to support behavioral positive changes in their care. Or perhaps you local government run animal control is the pawfect place to go because they have an abundance and you want to find your pet before their extermination deadline. Don't be deterred by how inexpensive the animal is. It's to help you give them a home as quickly and easily as possible and often times great perks like shots are included!

(Sad facts and for your consideration...The animals least likely to be adopted are those who are older with medical needs as well as those with black fur. Perhaps your life experiences have made you just the right, compassionate person for one of these more unique, less likely to be adopted, but still every bit as loving pets!)

And don't forget...many shelters need volunteers or foster families. This can be a great way to serve the pet rescue community if you AREN'T ready for full time pawrenting!

Want to know more?

While this is a lot of information...there's still so much more to learn and understand about animal rescue, pet adoption, and of course, Geopetric and how we can all support animal rescue together! So please contact us with your questions or utilize some of the many resources available online or in person at shelters.

If you would like to know more about the non-profits Geopetric donates to, check out the full list here or go to the “See Who You’ve Helped” page at Any of these wonderful shelters would welcome your direct donations.

...and PLEASE

Spay and Neuter your pets! This prevents mating habits of animals that continue to increase the population of strays or unwanted pets dropped at shelters each and every day.

BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER AND ANIMAL LOVER! Geopetric thanks you for this!

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