HOW TO: International Travel with your Pet this Summer!

5 simple, helpful tips for traveling easily and safely (internationally) with your pet this summer! 

by: Guest Blogger Maria Himmich (Blog Moderator Christina Sears)

(original publish date: June 2017)

Maria travels internationally with her companion Shark; a female Border Collie mix. Maria rescued Shark's family of abandoned puppies in 2013. With only one puppy in the litter remaining, Maria and Shark became each other's family and have forged a furever bond through international travel and adventure! 

Summer is coming and you are planning to spend your vacation abroad? Don’t leave your pet behind! Traveling internationally with a pet has become easier and this experience will strengthen your bonds even more.

Maria Himmich and her dog Shark

Pictured: Author Maria and travel companion Shark

Therefore, here are 5 tips to ensure safe and easy international travels with your pet this summer. 


Nobody knows your pet better than you so you should take their needs into consideration before choosing your destination. If they are very fearful, snub-nosed, old or have health issues, you may want to consider a smooth means of transport and not put them in the hold of an aircraft. Take advice from your vet to choose the most suitable solution, and ask them if your pet needs any specific extra vaccinations or medicine according to the country you plan to visit.    


Crossing borders comes with rules both for humans and animals. We need passports while our pets need health documents. Check the IATA (International Air Transport Association) website to see if pets are allowed in the country you plan to visit and what documents are needed. The majority of countries only ask for a health certificate and an up-to-date anti-rabies vaccination. However, some others (especially islands) have a quarantine rule. Traveling by air? Make sure to check the airline’s requirements for pet transport.

Geopetric Dog: Pet travel documents

Pictured: Shark with her travel documents. Ready for Europe!


Traveling internationally with a pet requires organization. First of all, you should find pet friendly accommodation. Many websites provide a “pets allowed” filter that facilitates your research. Some hotels welcome pets for free while others charge an extra fee. If the conditions are not specified on the website, just write them a quick email or give a call to avoid surprises. Do not forget to bring whatever your pet needs to feel home away from home (blanket, bowls for water and food, etc.)    


Prepare a bag with their favorite toys, some food and treats, poop bags, 2 leashes and 2 harnesses (in case one gets lost or broken), a muzzle (it may be mandatory in some places), a collar with a identification (write your name, local phone and address) and all his/her documents (make a copy or scan them and send them to you by email). Finally, in case your pet travels by air (either in the cabin or the hold) you will have to buy a special container to carry them (see individual airline regulations for these).


Now that everything is set, the fun part of traveling with a pet starts. Look for activities that you can share with your pet: pet friendly beaches, parks, restaurants, walks, hikes… for sure, traveling with your pet may lead you off the beaten path!

Shark hiking through ruins in a Geopetric dog collar.

Pictured: Shark explores wearing a Geopetric dog collar

And the best part is yet to come: your dog is your best asset to socialize with friendly locals! At the end of your vacation, you will thank your dog for all the great people you will have met through them!

Shark on the beach

Pictured: Shark enjoys the beaches of Greece

Are you ready to take your pet along and enjoy your summer vacation together? Have you done it already? Were these tips helpful in your travels? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

Photo credits: Maria Himmich

The content of this article is provided by Geopetric guest blogger, pet & travel writer and expert, Maria Himmich. For more information from Maria visit her official blog The Tropical Dog

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