Play Day Pet Harness

Play Day Pet Harness

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Custom designed, abstract style patterned nylon webbing pet harness featuring an easy to step-in to style. Dual back clip D-rings for balanced weight distribution and reduced pressure on pets to avoid physical damage often caused from pulling. Provides more hooman control over energetic pets. Made in America.


S - 5/8" Width. Fits  12"-14" Neck. 13"-16" Torso. Typical Breeds: Beagle, Schnauzer Mini, Yorkie

M - 1" Width. Fits  17"-20" Neck. 18"-22" Torso. Typical Breeds: Corgi, Boston Terrier, Australian sheppard

L - 1" Width. Fits  23"-30" Neck. 25"-31" Torso. Typical Breeds: Labrador, German Shepard, Golden Retriever

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Share with your fur friends that 10% of this order will be donated to support animal rescue & adoption. Better the lives of animals across the globe with Geopetric!

Play Day Pet Harness