EDUCATION: What is a Martingale Collar and Why Use It?

(original publish date: January 2017) 

The Martingale style of collar is the latest edition to the Geopetric shop and for good reason! It's an incredibly safe and gentle way to walk pets that have a tendency to slip out of their collar from pulling.

Geopetric Martingale Play Day collar

Here's how it works: When your dog begins tugging, the two-loop end where a leash is clipped, gently tightens. As soon as your dog stops applying pressure to the collar, it loosens to its original fit. 

Fit: The Martingale collar slips over your pet's head and maintains its comfortable shape until your pet tugs in any direction. So if your pet is one that can easily back out of their collar due to fur type/texture, shape of their head, or in general their behavioral pulling; the Martingale collar is a gentle and effective way to keep your pet from getting loose.

(Don't forget to always measure your pet in inches at the widest part of their head and neck before selection a size and please visit our helpful guide for more information here)

The Martingale collar is often referred to as a humane training tool since the fabric is still smooth and comfortable and will tighten when your dog pulls, but not to the degree of causing pain. The two loop end aids the collar in rebounding to its natural fit and shape when pets stop their tugging; allowing you to correct your dog's behavior without traumatizing your pet in the learning process.

The best part about the new Geopetric Martingale it is available to match our collection of leads and stylish hooman accessories in many of our bold prints! Lots to choose from! So your pet doesn't have to sacrifice style for function.

Check them out today!

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