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Product Review: Geopetric Dog Collars

Recently I found out about a pet product company based in the US, that makes eye-catching, high-quality products for dogs, cats, and even humans! Geopetric is a small business based in Winter Park, Florida. They have a strong passion for natural products and a humanitarian bent.

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What is a Martingale collar and why use it?

The Martingale style of collar is the latest edition to the Geopetric shop-and for good reason! It's an incredible, safe, and gentle way to walk pets that have a tendency to slip out of their collar from pulling. Here's how it works: When your dog begins tugging, the two-loop end where a leash is clipped, gently tightens. As soon as your dog stops applying pressure to the collar, it loosens to its original fit.  The Martingale collar slips over your pets head, and maintains its comfortable shape until your pet tugs in any direction. So if your pet is one that can easily back out of their collar due to fur type/texture, shape of their head, or in general their...

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