Puppy Starter Kits let your puppy start off on the right paw!

Getting a new puppy is SO EXCITING! We love their sweet, tiny, little fur faces! We buy them everything they need to get started as a new member of our fam and let them know how special they are to us! Collars, harnesses, and MORE! Then...as all fur babies do - they GROW UP! Just like you switch out their food as they get older - you have to switch out their gear as they get bigger. And that can get expensive!

Geopetric is here to help! Buy any of our Puppy Starter Kits packaged with big savings, and we'll give you new gear when your fur babe has outgrown theirs - at 50% OFF! Every Puppy Starter Kit includes a 50% OFF coupon for you to place your next order. #growupwithgeopetric

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