Pink Blazer Puppy Starter Kit (Paw 2)

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The "Pink Blazer Puppy Starter Kit" (Paw 2) is the pawfect trio of must-haves for your new fur babe! The best part? Every Puppy Starter Kit is designed with your growing pup in mind!

This package comes at a reduced price (since puppies outgrow their gear quick) and every kit includes a 50% off coupon for your next Geopetric purchase for their adult dog years gear!


  • Color: Hot pink/multi
  • Geometric
  • South-western

Features of Products

  • Recycled bottles printed webbing
  • Clip clasp
  • Adjustable sizing (collar & harness)
Paw 2 Kit Includes
  • Standard dog collar 
  • Matching lead/leash
  • Matching harness 
  • 50% off coupon for future purchase

Sizes (in inches)
*Please always measure your puppy in inches to ensure proper sizing before placing your order.


  • Collar: 3/8" width & 9-13" length.
  • Lead: 5/8" width. 5' length.
  • Harness: 5/8" width. 12"-18" neck. 12"-18" torso. 


  • Collar: 5/8" width & 10-13" length.
  • Lead: 5/8" width. 5' length.
  • Harness: 5/8" width. 14"-24" neck. 14"-24" torso. 

Puppy Starter Kits are not eligible for returns or exchanges. 

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