Geopetric Pet Brand Affiliate Program

Affiliate Instagram
  • Do you love posting pics of your fur babe life on social media?
  • Do you support animal rescue & adoption and would love to help others do the same? 
  • Do you love telling people in your community about products you've discovered and would love for your friends to be able to get a great deal on them (thanks to you!)?
  • Would you love to have your social media photos featured on Geopetric and in front of thousands of animal lovers? 

If all this sounds like YOU...then you need to learn about becoming a Geopetric Affiliate!

DEFINE AFFILIATE - Affiliates are fur babes and pet loving hoomans that help expose our brand to their social media friends and in their local community. Affiliates are not employees of Geopetric. Affiliates do not sell anything. Affiliates have fun! Affiliates promote a discount code while modeling gear and earn commissions each time their unique code is applied to a customer's order.

To get started as a Geopetric Affiliate, email for all the details!