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Coloring Book Standard Dog Collar
coloring book dog collar

Coloring Book Standard Dog Collar

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The Geopetric Coloring Book "standard dog collar" is one of a kind...every time! This collar features a geometric designed black and white outline that can be colored in with Sharpies to suit your pet's individual style and taste! (Sharpies not included.) Made of durable, eco-friendly, recycled bottles webbing. Made in America.


  • Black & white
  • Geometric 
  • DIY 

Features of Products

  • Recycled bottles printed webbing
  • Clip clasp
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Geopetric logo patch

Sizes (in inches)
*Please always measure your fur babe in inches to ensure proper sizing before placing your order.

M - 1" width & 13-20" length

L - 1" width & 15.5-23" length

XL - 1" width & 17-26" length

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